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On this website you will find some information about the history of the families Hilkmann, Hilkman & Hilckmann. They are all related to each other and they find their origin in the small German town of Metelen. The family tree goes back to 1656. But already in the 12th century the Hilkmann name can be found in old documents in Metelen.

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Holiday pass (Urlaubspass) from the German army (1833) for Johan Bernard Heinrich Hilkmann (1808-1879), very probably the first Hilkmann in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He arrived there in 1833/1834, married H.J. Nieters (1810-1855) and started a shop on the Nieuwendijk.
E.A.B.W. Hilkmann 1849-1927
A.M. Hilkmann-Uphof 1852-1938
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